FitnessMatta-highres-1Fitness Mats – The Fitness Matta Performer™ range is an innovative interlocking flooring system, specifically designed to provide noise reduction properties, ergonomic benefits, and spatial enhancements to fitness centres and gyms. Fitness Matta™ is a modular PVC tile, 25mm or 15mm thick, with a range of surface texture options.

Ergonomic support is necessary to prevent sports injuries to the lower body. All aerobic activity generates energy, which if not absorbed, is transferred through the body to the ankles, knees, hips and back, increasing the probability of muscle fatigue, bone and joint problems. Fitness Matta™ provides the perfect balance of cushioning and firmness to ensure lateral foot support and bounce-back, by allowing some compression of the tiles through their tubed base structure.

Fitness Matta
Fitness Matta

Shock absorption The continual dropping of heavy weights by gym users can easily damage the under-floor if the matting is not shock absorbent. Should the floor be too rigid, this can also damage free-weights and other equipment being dropped. With the added cushioning of a shock absorbent underlay, Fitness Matta™ completely protects your under-floor.

Weight training
Weight training

Safely hides cables Exposed equipment power cables not only clutter a gym’s appearance but also pose a trip hazard to its users. The underside of Fitness Matta™ is designed to allow cables to run underneath the tiles without being squashed or damaged.

Slip resistance The textured surface design of the Fitness Matta™ range reduces slippage whilst not hindering movement through excessive grip.

Durable The robust design and materials used ensure Fitness Matta’s™ durability in the most testing environments. Fitness Matta™ is manufactured under ISO-certified quality control systems and is backed by Matta’s comprehensive 6-year product warranty.

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Relocatable Fitness Matta™ tiles are connected together through interlocking lugs. Tiles can be simply disconnected, relocated and reconfigured at any time.

Simple to clean Fitness Matta can be vacuumed and/or mopped using regular cleaning products. Fitness Matta can also be supplied with heavy duty Matta Rescue cleaner for tough grime and stains.


Impact noise (such as barbells dropping onto the floor) penetrating to the level below. This type of noise travels readily through the floor, even when floor coverings are used. Fitness Matta has been thoroughly tested to provide up to 26 decibels in impact noise reduction.

Airborne noise (such as voices) reverberating around the room and penetrating to neighbouring rooms and the outside world, mainly through walls and windows. Fitness Matta™ Carpet Top dampens the effects of airborne noise through the reduction of reverberation and harsh frequencies, in turn improving your gym user experience.

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